SAFE-Air 2017-2022 Project is looking for a PhD Student

Subject : Safety Evaluation of Aircraft Systems using Virtual Platforms

Confronted with increasingly stringent requirements for certification in operational safety, companies in the field of transport are looking for new methods to assess the robustness of complex digital integrated systems. In particular, our industrial partners in this project, THALES Valence and AEDVICES Consulting, are interested in the robustness of flight systems used in aeronautics. Integrated systems, due to the evolution of technologies, are increasingly sensitive to disturbances caused, for example, by atmospheric particles. Beyond aeronautical systems and transport systems in general (automotive, railway, etc.), the results of this project concern all the integrated systems used in critical applications: energy generation systems (nuclear power plant), medical implants…

The aim of the thesis is to propose a new approach to allow a more precise evaluation of the level of robustness of critical complex digital systems very early in development.

This project is part of the AURA (Auvergne Rhône Alpes) region’s “DIGITAL” and “MOBILITY, INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS” areas of excellence. It is also part of the MINALOGIC competitiveness cluster.

The PhD student will be located within the LCIS laboratory in Valence (26). The thesis will be supervised by professors from three laboratories: LCIS, TIMA (Grenoble), and LHC (Saint Etienne).
How to Apply
Applicants must hold a Master (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Embedded System or Microelectronics.
Candidates must send a CV, a letter of motivation, details of the grades for each master courses and the classification in master years, and at least one letter of recommendation.

Details of the PhD Subject Safety Evaluation of Aircraft Systems using Virtual Platforms