EDA Partners

Galactic Partner program

As member of the Galactic Partner program, we help accelerate the Portable Stimulus Standard Ecosystem

Questa Vanguard program

Member of Siemens Questa Vanguard Program we strongly follow the latest advances in stimuli generation, UVM and portable stimulus standards.

Spinnaker program

As a OneSpin Spinnaker member, we follow the latest technology adoptions in formal verification, fault tolerant systems and theorem proving.

Verification IP and Consulting Partner

Leading provider of Verification IP

Truechip is a leading provider of Verification IP to companies worldwide, including the USA, Israel, Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany, India and China. From its global development center in India, the company provides VIPs to cover industry needs in memory, on-chip interconnect (AMBA etc.), PCIe, MIPI, display standards and others.


International consultancy

With roots in Design and Verification, its current focus is Business Development for small and medium-sized companies and Learning and Development for engineering teams worldwide. ICONDA has extensive experience in the design and delivery of training and workshops for both technical and non-technical topics.

Logo ATP Formation

SystemC and Verification trainings

ATP Formation is our partner for SystemC and Verification off-site trainings. Based in Grenoble and Sophia Antipolis, our trainings are proposed twice a year.


Grenoble Phelma
Grenoble Esisar