The Company

AEDVICES Consulting is an independent consulting company specialized in Design and Verification for Microelectronics and Embedded Systems.

Created in 2012, AEDVICES Consulting provides EDA, Semiconductors and Embedded Systems companies with project support, application engineering, design development and verification services and tools.

Our expertise includes software development, hardware design and system verification.

More than consulting, our team helps you in each stage of your project, from the initial specification through to follow-up support after final realisation.
Our experts can also deliver trainings to to improve your skills.

With clients in high-tech areas such as space, aeronautics, IoT and automotive, AEDVICES Consulting operates in France and in Europe.

Verification & Design
Francois Cerisier, Founder
Francois Cerisier, Founder

With a Engineering degree from Polytech’Sophia-Antipolis, François has gained over 15 years in IC and Embedded System expertise working with Seminconductor companies (Infineon, Broadcom, ST-Microelectronics, NXP, Intel, Imagination Technology) , EDA companies (OneSpin Solutions, Breker Verification Systems, Synopsys) and Design Services (PSI-Electronics/Maya Technologies, EASii-IC, Test and Verification Solutions). François leads and provides technical services in Hardware and Software design, verification and EDA application engineering.


Christian Rivier, Senior Design & Verification Engineer


Christian has an engineering degree from ECE Paris. After 3 years working in Sextant avionique, he  joined STMicroelectronics for 15 years, working on the huge domain of SoC prototyping. He now provides design and verification expertise for IC or FPGA projects.

Administration & Communication
Sophie Cerisier, Administration & Communication
Sophie Cerisier, Administration & Communication


Sophie has an engineering degree from ESIEE, Paris and a Master in Marketing from University of West of England, Bristol. After 2 years working for Philips Semiconductor, she moved to Marketing and has worked as a consultant in MarCom  and as a profesionnal events organiser. Sophie provides communication and marketing support for NTIC and Semiconductors companies and universities.