Design and Prototyping

Backed by its experience and maturity in digital design and prototyping, our team can support your project and help you specify, architect, develop and prototype your design, should it be for consumer, Internet-of-Things, safety critical or secured applications.

From Specification to GDS delivery, from IP to System Level, we will find the best solutions for your projects.

Schema Design & Prototyping

  DO254, Space, Aeronautics, Automotive
  Tracking, Process
  Fault tolerance systems

  Specification, State-Machine Development
  RTL Development (VHDL, Verilog)
  IP development

  Architecture and Specification
  Modeling (SystemC/TLM)
  IP integration
  Interconnect, Network-on-Chip
  Power Management

  Xilinx, Altera, MicroSemi, …
  System Partitionning
  Bitstream, prototyping board

  RTL Design, Synthesis, STA, DFT
  Place&Route, DRC, LVS

Our Markets for Design & Prototyping include :


AEDVICES Consulting proposes:

    • On-site or off-site consulting
    • Fixed price or at-cost contracts depending on needs and specification stability and/or statement of work details.

Design - CIR - Crédit Impôt Recherche

AEDVICES Consulting is certified by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation as company qualified to realise R&D for other companies (CIR program).

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Specification, development, verification and realization of the digital control block.

“IRLYNX develops infrared modules to detect and characterize human activity. Its sensors, low-cost and respecting users’ privacy deliver in real-time advanced data about true presence in a room, people counting, their location and trajectories. Many thanks to AEDVICES and its close co-operation with IRLYNX to develop digital parts of our chip in a very flexible and professional way!” Sébastien Fabre, CEO